Support Personnel

The Support Personnel license is issued at the request of an employing Georgia LUA to individuals who serve in positions of leadership over support functions in the LUA. Such positions include but are not limited to: finance, transportation, public relations, personnel, staff development, facilities, planning, evaluation, research, assessment, and technology coordination.

Qualifications for a Support Personnel license include the following:
  • Meeting all job requirements as determined by the employing LUA;
  • Employment by a Georgia LUA in a position of leadership over support functions.
If you are interested in obtaining a Support Personnel license, you must first seek employment with a Georgia school. Your certification application package will be submitted by your employer.


Renewal requirements for the Support Personnel license include the following:
  • Renewal requirements determined by the employing Georgia LUA;
  • Employment by a Georgia LUA.
If you have fulfilled the above requirements, your employer may submit your renewal application.