All Georgia Paraprofessionals must hold a valid state license issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC). Georgia educators who hold a valid professional certificate may serve as Paraprofessionals without holding a specific Paraprofessional license.

An individual must be employed as a Paraprofessional in a Georgia local unit of administration (LUA) in order to qualify for a Paraprofessional license, which is valid for five years. In addition to employment, the applicant must meet one of the following qualifications: If you are interested in obtaining a Paraprofessional license, you must first seek employment with a Georgia school, which will require a criminal record check. Your certification application package will be submitted by your employer.


Requirements for renewal of a Paraprofessional license include the following:

For Paraprofessional Licenses expiring between 2011 and 2017:
  • Employment by a Georgia LUA;
  • No renewal credit (coursework) is required;
  • Pass a criminal record check;
  • Employing school system applies for certificate.
For Paraprofessional Licenses expiring in 2018 or later:
  • Employment by a Georgia LUA;
  • Certificate holders who are employed by a Georgia LUA in a position requiring certification must have an individual Professional Learning Plan (PLP) or a Professional Learning Goal (PLG) coordinated with their supervisor and employing LUA. These PLPs or PLGs are developed and maintained locally, and must be aligned with individual educator evaluation results as well as with school and school system professional learning plans. To be acceptable for certificate renewal, the PLP or PLGs must be directly associated with the annual personnel evaluation. (For additional information, please see Rule 505-2-.36 Renewal effective date: July 1, 2017);
  • Pass a criminal background check;
  • Employing school system applies for certificate.
If you have fulfilled the above requirements, your employer may submit your renewal application.