The Adjunct license must be requested by an employing Georgia LUA and allows the holder to teach a specific subject in grades 6-12 for up to 50% of the school day. It is intended for individuals who have one of the following:
  • Knowledge, skills, and experience in a specific profession;
  • Instructional experience in the U.S. military or a college or university;
  • Instructional abilities in one of the following fields: English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, History, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Art, Music, Behavioral Science, foreign language fields, Dance, Drama or Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) fields.
Qualifications for an Adjunct license include the following:
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, except for certain CTAE fields that only require an associate’s degree;
  • 2 years of experience in the field;
  • Professional level passing score on the GACE content assessment, or a valid licensure in the field.
If you are interested in obtaining an Adjunct license, you must first seek employment with a Georgia school. Your certification application package will be submitted by your employer.


Renewal requirements for the Adjunct license include:
  • Renewal requirements determined by the employing Georgia LUA;
  • Employment by a Georgia LUA.
If you have fulfilled the above requirements, your employer may submit your renewal application.