Program Admission Assessment

The GACE Program Admission Assessment, formerly called the Basic Skills Assessment, measures an individual’s general knowledge in the areas of reading, mathematics, and writing. A passing score on this assessment indicates that a candidate has the competency levels necessary to be successful in an educator preparation program.

The following individuals are required to either pass or exempt this assessment:
  • Candidates applying to Georgia educator preparation programs;
  • Applicants for Provisional certification (those who have been hired to teach before completing an educator preparation program);
  • Applicants for certification in School Social Work (unless licensed in Social Work by the Georgia Secretary of State);
  • Permit holders applying to extend or renew their initial permit (except JRTOC).
Complete scores on this assessment do not expire. If you have previously passed all parts of the Program Admission or Basic Skills assessment, you do not need to take it again. For more information about taking or exempting this assessment, please click here.