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Content Assessments

Passing the state-approved GACE content assessment(s) in the appropriate field is a state certification requirement for fields that the state has a certification assessment. The GACE content assessments tests a variety of content knowledge areas and each respective GACE is aligned with program preparation standards (state and national) and Georgia’s P-12 curriculum.

Georgia only accepts GACE score results from tests taken on or after September 1, 2006.

All GACE test results, with the exception of the Assessment of Sign Communication – American Sign Language, are reported as scaled scores with a scale of 100 to 300. The Assessment of Sign Communication – American Sign Language is assigned ratings of 1 to 5.

Because scores from tests offered by different test suppliers are not comparable, passing scores on tests within an assessment cannot be split between the two suppliers. Examinees must pass all parts of an assessment with the same testing supplier for that assessment to count toward certification. For example, an examinee cannot pass Early Childhood Education Test I with ES and Early Childhood Education Test II with ETS to get credit for completing the Early Childhood GACE assessment.

You will retain credit for any GACE assessment you have already passed (all parts of the assessment must be passed to retain credit).

  • Educational Leadership - The GaPSC will not accept Praxis II scores for Educational Leadership assessments that reflect a score report date of after March 15, 2008. If a person has a passing score (640) on his/her score report that is dated on or before March 15, 2008, that passing score will be accepted for the appropriate content assessment if that person completed any approved Georgia Educational Leadership program on or before September 30, 2009. The GACE assessment in Educational Leadership, which has replaced the Praxis, began with the GACE test administration of June 14, 2008. ES will continue to offer the Educational Leadership assessment until spring 2014. Registration for this test must be done through the ES website at
  • Professional Pedagogy - ES will continue to offer the Professional Pedagogy test until spring 2014. Registration for this test must be done through the ES website at
  • Speech and Language Pathology - Georgia will continue to accept results of the Speech and Language Pathology test administered by ETS listed below with test codes 0330 or 5330 and passing score 600.

    Speech and Language Pathology (Praxis II)
    Note: The GaPSC will continue to accept this ETS test until further notice.
    Register at
    Speech and Language Pathology
    2-Hour Multiple-Choice
    0330 or 5330

Results of Praxis tests will be accepted by Georgia only for tests passed prior to September 1, 2006, except the exceptions noted above.

For GACE testing information, go to

Registration for GACE assessments being offered on or after October 5, 2013, is available on the ETS GACE website.