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Application Procedures


The application is considered complete when all required, completed documents and fees have been received. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit a complete package. Application materials are available through local school systems, RESAs, colleges, universities, or the GaPSC website. Incomplete application packages received in the certification office are usually held for 90 days pending receipt of additional documentation; at the end of the 90 day hold, incomplete certification cases are closed. To reopen an incomplete certification case, the applicant must submit a new application along with the missing documents.

The "complete" application package may include several pieces of information such as: the application for certification, approved program recommendation form, experience verification, copies of out-of-state certificates, verification of content assessment, and official college or staff development transcripts. The documents required for a complete application package depend on the transaction requested.

Who Submits the Package?

Application packages for certification may be submitted by the Georgia college where an approved preparation program has been completed, by a Georgia school system where the applicant is employed (especially if a Nonrenewable certificate is being requested), or by the applicant for certification. The applicant should work with both their college and school system to determine the preferred method of application. In either case, the package should be complete, include official documentation, and any appropriate certification fee. Incomplete certification applications will be returned to the applicant for correction.

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